5 Best CGM for Non Diabetics in 2023 (Top Picks from Experts)

  • CGM is a device that enables continuous monitoring of glucose levels in the bloodstream.
  • CGMs offer insight into non-diabetic users’ metabolic health through 24/7 blood sugar measurements.
  • The top 5 GCM devices for non-diabetics provide accuracy of data, real-time data tracking, and customization features.
  • Experts agree that a CGM for non diabetics offers invaluable insight into night-time and postprandial periods glucose levels. 

The concept of CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitor) has emerged as a revolutionary insight into the diabetes monitoring process, offering real-time data on blood glucose levels. Equally important is the rising number of non-diabetic individuals utilizing CGM technology to track glucose levels. 

This increasing interest in CGM for non diabetics can be attributed to health consciousness, and the need for metabolism monitoring, biohacking through data-driven approaches, better recovery, and overall performance.

In this brief guide, we will present expert recommendations for the best CGM for non diabetics and provide a list of the top 5 devices for 2023.

Understanding CGMs

Continuous glucose monitoring for non diabetics is performed with medical devices called CGMs. These wearable devices help you manage blood sugar levels more effectively by allowing you to constantly track how the amount of blood glucose fluctuates.

Non-diabetics can obtain a CGM without prescription on some online marketplaces and auction sites, in organizations that do research studies and clinical trials on the health effects of these devices, or as part of wellness programs.

CGM Benefits for Non-Diabetics

CGM Benefits for Non-Diabetics

These glucose-monitoring devices help non-diabetics track blood sugar levels throughout the day and night for a variety of reasons. Primarily, CGMs are used to provide insight into your overall well-being and metabolic health through the blood sugar measurements in the interstitial fluid beneath the skin. 

The real-time data lets you track how your body responds to various daily activities, like sleeping, diet, exercise, stress, work, etc. This information further helps you prevent any health problems that might arise due to untreated high blood sugar.

The top benefits for non diabetics who wear CGM devices include:

    • Making better dietary choices and choosing healthier meals
    • Raising metabolic awareness which is vital for preventing conditions like prediabetes
    • Improved sleep quality
    • Data-driven decisions regarding wellness strategies
  • Energy boost
  • Valuable insight on hormonal balance
  • Long-term health goals

Expert Recommendations 

The expert recommendations for CGMs for non diabetics   are based on ambulatory glucose profile (AGP) data in clinical practice , where CGM’s advantages in identifying new hypo- or hyperglycemic episodes during night-time and postprandial periods are evident. 

The panel of experts recommends CGMs for glycemic status assessment for people who do not meet glycemic targets or are unaware of hypoglycemia. Also, CGMs are invaluable in therapy adjustment in insulin-treated patients to achieve intended glucose targets. 

CGM Selection Criteria 

The selection criteria include key parameters like the accuracy of the devices, real-data tracking settings, price range, syncing features, and the flexibility of customization.

Additional criteria include:

  • Ease of sensor insertion and calibration
  • Data visualization features
  • Personalized glucose target ranges
  • Compatibility

Top Picks: 5 Best CGM for Non Diabetics in 2023 

Since the GCM market is dynamic and new devices might be introduced later on, here are the top 5 expert recommendations for the best CGM for non diabetics in 2023.

Signos CGM

Signos CGM

The number one pick by experts is Signos CGM . It utilizes artificial intelligence technology to provide users with real-time data reflecting blood glucose levels and their responses. It’s a device designed with weight loss in mind and provides information on how the body reacts to specific foods. 

Signos is water resistant, so you can wear it during intensive workouts, and pair it with your watch or other devices for easier monitoring. A one-month subscription costs $449, a three-month plan will cost $183 a month, and a six-month deal will set you back $143 monthly.

Medtronic Guardian Connect

Medtronic Guardian Connect is one of the best CGM for non diabetics , known for its reliable glucose monitoring and straightforward sensor application process. The glucose levels are updated every 5 minutes, which allows you to track real-time data and learn how your glucose reacts after an event.

Different alerts are displayed depending on the food intake and energy levels. Users can get low, high, 60-minute predictive, and customizable alerts to take proper actions respectively.

The price depends on the availability and location, but it usually costs around $3,000 per year or $250 per month.

Freestyle Libre 2

Freestyle Libre 2 provides accurate glucose readings every minute and hosts a user-friendly mobile app that helps individuals track real-time data. It syncs with your smartphone for data access and allows for personalized glucose target settings. 

It’s child-friendly and can be used by 4-year-old children and older, and there is a 14-day free trial for first-time users. The price depends on the type of medical coverage and can be up to $65 per month.

Eversense E3

Eversense E3 offers accurate and consistent glucose readings and a clear glucose data overview on the mobile app. Users can track the daily thresholds and set personal alerts that will sync back with the smartphone or any wearable device. A health professional will insert a sensor in your upper arm that reads your glucose levels for up to 6 months , and the external transmitter sends the readings to the paired device wirelessly. 

The initial sensor and transmitter cost $99 not including the insertion procedure. The following devices do not exceed $600, but you’ll need to fill out a form on their site to receive the correct price according to your coverage.

FreeStyle Libre 3

FreeStyle Libre 3

Another FreeStyle CGM device that has minimal lag time and highly accurate glucose readings, plus it’s a tiny sensor that is entirely painless to insert and wear. You can customize the glucose target settings and get clear data throughout the day. The MARD (Mean Absolute Relative Difference) is the main metric that indicates its accuracy, so the lower the value, the more accurate the results. FreeStyle Libre 3 has better MARD than its previous versions.

Prices may vary per location and insurance coverage, and depending on your medical coverage, you may pay less than $40 per month, making it one of the cheapest cgm for non diabetics .

Considerations for Non-Diabetic Users

If you are considering how to get a CGM without diabetes , there are certain key factors to keep in mind. Set clear health and wellness goals, inform yourself about the potential privacy risks and data leaks, and choose a CGM device that seamlessly integrates into your lifestyle.

Health and Wellness

Non-diabetics need to identify specific health and wellness goals and consider a consultation with a healthcare provider. Then, you can make the best decision when choosing a CGM device.

Privacy and Data Security

The latest CGM devices have adapted to the highest privacy and data security measures, adhering to strict data protection and privacy regulations. However, you should be well-informed about any data breach cases regarding your chosen CGM brand.

Final Words

CGM technology offers a proactive approach to monitoring blood sugar levels and empowers non-diabetics to explore the best practices for optimizing health and well-being. 

The expert recommendations for the best CGM for non diabetics in 2023 include well-known brands with various pricing options to help you find a device compatible with your needs and goals. Whichever you choose, keep track of your glucose levels and utilize the potential of these medical advancements to get valuable insight into your metabolic health.  

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